Opening in Winter 2019


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    Our Mission

    We offer premium working and meeting space in thriving suburban areas with dedicated coworking space, private offices, conference rooms, and the amenities that inspire hard work, creativity and community. 

    Choose where you live, how you work, and what you pursue. We believe suburban communities require and deserve urban amenities. Our spaces are built into your neighborhood not around it. Come work, collaborate and grow your business, your brand, and your network.

    Located conveniently outside the Raleigh beltway

    Our Core Values


    Our space is built around you. You get 24/7 access because we know office hours aren't the same for everyone. Every space and resource is app-enabled. We strive to provide everything you need to be successful.


    Work life integration laughs at time wasted in a commute. Our spaces are located close to home, but far enough away for you to focus. We strive to provide space that is easy to use and welcoming to all people.


    Getting work done is why we are here. We provide space for you to focus when you have a deadline, and space get distracted when you need to delve into the creative.


    All we want you to do is win win win no matter what. We celebrate your achievement and success, and hope you do the same with your people.

    Luxurious Amenities

    Dedicated to the art, science and style of doing what you love, the SUBCO spaces are transforming the experience of offices across the United States. With white glove concierge service, napping pods, local discounts, and on-site executive consultants, these exclusive spaces deliver a holistic approach to work life integration. Truly, SUBCO represents work at its finest.
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